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Digital Detox helps schools improve digital-wellbeing so your students can thrive inside and out of the classroom.

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Students Care About

want more digital-wellness resources from their school
feel social media negatively impacts their self-image
are concerned about their safety online

DORA Score For Students

The Student DORA Score™ is the leading global assessment for digital wellness that helps schools understand multiple dimensions of how technology is impacting their school and enables students find better balance.
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Data insights & Analysis

With the Student DORA, your students will gain perspective on how tech is impacting their life and school administration will receive detailed reporting to identify areas to improve.
School-Wide Digital Wellness Report
Grade-Level & Gender-Specific Reports
Impact analysis on areas of: Mental health, Physical health, Self-Esteem, Distraction & Focus, and Relationships
We Help Schools Thrive
Digital Wellness Assessment

Student DORA Score™ is the leading global digital-wellness assessment for schools to understand how tech is impacting student lives. It has been priased around the world by mental-health professionals and students.


We offer bespoke consulting to help schools improve digital-wellness. With the latest data and insights from our global research, we can help reduce the guesswork, champion your efforts, and evangelize new initiatives community wide. 

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Community 360

"We are here to support the entire community. With customers in over 80 countries, we find that students, teachers, community leaders, and parents all play a key role in helping raise healthy digital-citizens and ensuring they thrive both inside and out of the classroom."
- Forest Bronzan, CEO
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