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The DORA Score™ from Digital Detox provides adults with a measurement of the impact technology has on their lives. The 5-minute free assessment has been praised by individuals around the world and mental-health professionals alike. Get your free score today and start improving your digital wellbeing.

This assessment is intended for adults. For our Student DORA, please see Our School Services.

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About The Score

There are four Impact Risk-Levels to the DORA Score™: Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. The score was developed by Digital Detox - a global leader for over a decade in digital wellness with customers and partners in over 80 countries. Items were drafted iteratively with input from multiple subject-matter experts. The scoring model was developed over multiple validation rounds following calibration via the the polytomous Rasch Rating Scale Model. Item and answer-level weights were then assigned to account for the relative extremity of each question. The final measure is scored classically using these weighted answer values.
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Development Team
Global Data on Digital Wellness
For over a decade, Digital Detox has been leading global initiatives to help individuals improve digital wellbeing and achieve better tech-life balance. The DORA Score™ was developed by some of the brightest mental-health leaders in the country along with other subject-matter experts and feedback from thousands of individuals. The result is a sub 5-minute assessment that helps measure the impacts of technology in your life. Below you can learn about some of the sr. members of the DORA's development team.
Forest Bronzan

CEO - Digital Detox

Jordan Stoeger

MED, Psychometrician

Michelle Glantz


Andrew Hughes


Kelly Mothner


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