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The DORA Score™ from Digital Detox provides adults with a measurement of the impact technology has on their lives. The 5-minute free assessment has been praised by individuals around the world and mental-health professionals alike. Get your free score today and start improving your digital wellbeing. 
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About The Score

Technology is impacting our lives in profound ways with every age group and demographic from all corners of the globe being affected. DORA Score™ was developed to help provide individuals with a measurement and perspective on how technology is impacting their life.

There are four Impact Risk-Levels to the DORA Score™: Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. The score was developed by Digital Detox - a global leader for over a decade in digital wellness with customers and partners in over 80 countries. Items were drafted iteratively with input from multiple subject-matter experts. The scoring model was developed over multiple validation rounds following calibration via the the polytomous Rasch Rating Scale Model. Item and answer-level weights were then assigned to account for the relative extremity of each question. The final measure is scored classically using these weighted answer values. 

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Score Development Team

For over a decade, Digital Detox has been leading global initiatives to help individuals improve digital wellbeing and achieve better tech-life balance. The DORA Score™ was developed by some of the brightest mental-health leaders in the country along with other subject-matter experts and feedback from thousands of individuals. The result is a sub 3-minute assessment that helps measure the impacts of technology in your life. Below you can learn about some of the sr. members of the score’s development team.

Forest Bronzan, CEO - Digital Detox

Forest is the CEO of Digital Detox and leads global initiatives for digital wellness. Growing the company to a customer base in over 80 countries, and with a deep passion for improving the relationship society has with technology, Forest has spent years deeply involved in research and meeting 1:1 with individuals around the world to study how technology impacts our lives. He works hands-on with the DORA Score development team in building best-in-class assessments.

Jordan Stoeger, MEd, Psychometrician

With an undergrad degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and a Masters of Education in Measurement, Evaluations, Statistics and Assessment, Jordan is focused on data measurement and scoring models. She has traveled to Asia, the Middle East, Iceland, Latin America, and Europe to evangelize assessment best practices and provide psychometric expertise to international organizations in delivering high stakes exams.

Dr. Michelle Glantz, Ph.D

Dr. Glantz is a clinical psychologist practicing in Los Angeles, CA. She works with children, adolescents, and adults offering comprehensive assessment and treatment around issues ranging from  interpersonal, relationship, self-esteem & identity depression, anxiety, PTSD, complex trauma and perinatal mental health. A graduate of George Washington and Columbia University, Dr. Glantz earned her Ph.d in Clinical Psychology from The Gordon F. Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies.

Dr. Andrew Hughes, MD

Dr. Hughes is a private practice board-certified psychiatrist and Assistant Clinical Professor at OHSU. His dedication to mental health was sparked while studying psychology at the University of British Columbia, where he conducted research in cognitive neuroscience and positive psychology. His clinical approach is focused on psychotherapeutic and integrative interventions, with a goal of minimizing side effects of psychiatric treatments. Having published numerous research papers, Dr. Hughes remains dedicated to advancing and optimizing the field of mental health.
Dr. Kelly Mothner - Digital Detox

Dr. Kelly Mothner, Ph.D

Dr. Mothner is a clinical psychologist practicing in Hermosa Beach, CA. She works with adults, couples, and teens on complex mental-health and relationship challenges and brings extensive experience on how technology impacts multiple aspects of our lives. Dr. Mothner graduated summa cum laude from Dartmouth College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and then earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University.
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