Digital Detox Retreats

Digital Detox Retreats

Come Disconnect to Reconnect! We create a space and experience that gives individuals the freedom and permission they need to truly unplug and decompress. Participants put aside their digital arm to recharge, gain perspective, and reevaluate their relationship with digital technology. We’ve led thousands of participants through our Digital Detox programming and invite you to join a retreat, sign up for our Summer Camp for Adults, or explore our other Digital Detox Experiences.

Participants gain insight into personal lifestyle techniques and practices that keep them grounded and connected even in the most stressed, overwhelming and technologically driven times.

In turn, they reemerge from the experience with new found inspiration and tools to create more mindful, meaningful and balanced lives, both online and off.

Connection vs. Disconnection: By providing a truly integrated experience that nourishes both mind and body, while deepening one’s sense of self without the digital distractions of everyday life, we are able to focus on the tenants of connection, rather than disconnection.

It’s not just about unplugging. It’s about rediscovering what happens when we truly plug-in to life.

As we disconnect from our devices, we reconnect with ourselves, our community, nature and the world at large.

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