Our Story, 2 Decades in the Making

Levi Felix and Forest met in elementary school in the 1990s, and eventually connected with Brooke in high school. Levi and Forest played in bands together, and everyone eventually went on to college.

In 2007, Levi moved to Los Angeles, and while settling into a duplex, he serendipitously bumped into Brooke who was renting the other unit. They became fast friends and by 2009 had fallen in love.

In early 2009, while working as a Creative Director at a startup, Levi had a wake-up call after passing out and being hospitalized as a result of working too much. Shortly after that, Levi and Brooke quit their jobs to embark on a 2.5-year worldwide journey determined to find balance with life and technology. It was while living off the land in Cambodia that they started the initial thoughts of what would become Digital Detox.

Levi and Brooke returned to the US in 2011 and reunited with Levi’s younger brother, Zev. Together they formed Digital Detox that year with a mission to inspire people to develop better relationships with technology.

Digital Detox launched its first retreat with 10 people in 2012. Levi invited Forest to attend the inaugural retreat, and he was blown away, taking home new learnings and gifting future retreats to friends and family. Continue Reading...

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Digital Detox has added Immersive experiences and expanded to Publishing, K-12 Certification, and research.

About Digital Detox®

In an era of constant technological acceleration and innovation, an overabundance of screen time, information overload, tech-driven anxiety, social media everything, internet addiction, a constant sense of FOMO, selfies, and being endlessly tethered and always available, Digital Detox aims to inspire, educate and empower our collective generation to create more mindful, meaningful, and balanced lives, both online and off.

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K-12 Certification

We support teachers, school administrators, and parents with the tools they need to provide students with a tech-balanced education.



From summer camps for adults, to unplugged nights out and mystery trips, Digital Detox creates immersive experiences that allow you to disconnect and reconnect.


Digital Detox Research

The Digital Detox Research arm works tirelessly to better understand the impact of technology on our lives.

The Digital Detox Timeline


Levi and Forest meet in elementary school


They meet Brooke Dean in high school


Levi, Forest, and Brooke graduate


Levi moves into a duplex in LA and reunites with Brooke


Levi and Brooke fall in love


Levi is hospitalized from working too much


Levi and Brooke travel the world for 2.5 years


Levi, Brooke, and Levi’s brother, Zev, form Digital Detox


Forest reconnects with Levi


Forest attends the inaugural Digital Detox summit


Digital Detox launches their flagship Camp Grounded


Digital Detox scales to become an internationally recognized leader


Forest brings 10 people from his startup to Camp Grounded

Feb 2016

Levi is diagnosed with a brain tumor


Forest brings 25 people from his team to Camp

Jan 2017

Levi passes away at the age of 32


Brooke and Forest reconnect


Forest joins the Digital Detox board

August 2019

The Levi Felix Foundation is launched to support brain cancer research


Digital Detox leads Experiences, K-12 Certification and Research for technology dependency

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Digital Detox is dedicated to creating a world that we believe will make our grandkids proud.

We think deep, work smart, and play harder.