The Digital Detox Manifesto

You have a love-hate relationship with your phone. Yes, you. Some days you use it—others, it uses you.

And most days, it feels impossible to disconnect. From anything. 

Your anxiety rises when you can’t feel that familiar rectangle in your back pocket.
You find yourself taking the phone into the bathroom . . . and into the shower.
You prioritize cell phone use over relationships.
You even pretend to check your phone to avoid talking to people.
You can’t go more than an hour without looking down at your screen.
If you're a parent, navigating all ages of tech use can feel like a professional sport, or a nightmare.
What else are we missing?
Your focus turns to frazzle. The weight of digital stress slams into your chest. You bury your head in your phone while real life whizzes by—just outside of your periphery. 

And it disconnects you from others. Being present with your family, your kids, and your friends becomes impossible. Interpersonal skills go extinct. Social media increases your anxiety. So do the hundreds of notifications that demand immediate attention every day. You feel as if you just. can’t. keep. up.

Our physical and mental health suffers, and we lose precious time. We spend an hour on our phones before we go to sleep.

And we wake up a decade later, unsure where all the time went. 

The good news: It is possible to find tech-life balance to help live a fuller, happier life.

And you don’t have to go cold-turkey in order for that to happen. You don’t have to toss your phone away or Marie Kondo your apps or even go on a 7 day tech-free retreat (which can be rewarding, but is not a long-term solution).

It’s the small things that make a big difference. 

With slight adjustments to your social media game-plan, learning good phone hygiene + etiquette, and being more present in key life situations (when’s the last time you enjoyed an experience not through your screen?), you can wake up more refreshed, less stressed, and start to regain your focus instead of losing twenty-three minutes every time you pick up your phone. And more importantly, you can strengthen the important relationships in your life - at work, with friends, partners, children, and yourself. 

Just one percent better a day in any of these areas is 37x better a year. 

At Digital Detox, that’s what we’re all about. We want you to have the skills to help you slowly bring your life and phone use back into balance—so technology can help you be a better parent and friend and partner and colleague.  Digital Detox has been recognized globally for over a decade, and we're here for you. We are you and we're in this together.

You deserve to feel better physically and mentally. To experience life in the moment. And to take back control of your time.

Are you ready to start taking small steps in order to find just a little bit of balance and feel a lot better?

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Read the original Manifesto crated by Levi Felix in ~2012.

By creating healthy relationships with our devices, developing new positive social norms and etiquette, and by changing the ways in which we build and design our digital technologies, we will shift the course of human history.

Living in a generation of multi-task masters, we find it hard to simply sit and focus on one thing. In turn, our productivity levels lower as stress levels sky rocket. Internet use, dependency and forms of addiction are higher than we might like to admit. Many are realizing the affects on their personal life, family structures and society at large, and starting to question the role that screens play in their life.

Spending the majority of our waking lives experiencing reality through a screen, endlessly plugged into our devices, is taking it’s toll… and we’re realizing it’s not the answer. It’s time that the era of burnout, FOMO, multi-tasking, tech dependence, fatigue, ‘social media everything’ and information overload comes a close. This is a new chapter, an opportunity for us to redefine what our relationship with digital technology looks like, and in turn, how we experience life on this beautiful planet.

Disconnect to Reconnect® Human beings are incredible. The value of our ability to connect and share experiences is infinite.

We believe in living a life of freedom, balance and joy. We believe in a world where people are given permission, resources and the opportunities they need to feel alive, whole,complete and deeply connected to the beauty that is life. We believe in the power of play, mindfulness, integrity, intention, spontaneity, self expression, audacity, creativity,community, authenticity and vulnerability.

We believe that technologies should serve as tools to connect us to these tenants as we celebrate life, truly improving our unique existence, instead of distracting, disturbing or disrupting us. And we believe that these technologies should be created mindfully and ethically, for the benefit of and not at the cost of consumers and users. In fact, the relationship that grows between the creator and consumer should be truly symbiotic and honest.

We value smiles, DIY, nature and the great outdoors, long hugs, laughter, tears, good eye-contact and IRL (in real life) community experiences. Life is about about sharing moments with the people sitting around us on a bus ride to work, across from us at the dinner table, or walking by us on the street. It’s about creating a new code of ethics and etiquette where people and nature come first, amongst everything else.

We believe that it’s time to ask really big questions of the things we’ve taken for granted. To work really hard to remind ourselves of the simple things we’ve forgotten. And to take a big deep breath, pause and remember that we are all in this together.

So that someday, our grandchildren will look back on the choices we’ve made and say thank you.

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