Digital Detox Manifesto

By creating healthy relationships with our devices, developing new positive social norms and etiquette, and by changing the ways in which we build and design our digital technologies, we will shift the course of human history.

Living in a generation of multi-task masters, we find it hard to simply sit and focus on one thing. In turn, our productivity levels lower as stress levels sky rocket. Internet use, dependency and forms of addiction are higher than we might like to admit. Many are realizing the affects on their personal life, family structures and society at large, and starting to question the role that screens play in their life.

Spending the majority of our waking lives experiencing reality through a screen, endlessly plugged into our devices, is taking it’s toll… and we’re realizing it’s not the answer. It’s time that the era of burnout, FOMO, multi-tasking, tech dependence, fatigue, ‘social media everything’ and information overload comes a close. This is a new chapter, an opportunity for us to redefine what our relationship with digital technology looks like, and in turn, how we experience life on this beautiful planet.

Disconnect to Reconnect® Human beings are incredible. The value of our ability to connect and share experiences is infinite.

We believe in living a life of freedom, balance and joy. We believe in a world where people are given permission, resources and the opportunities they need to feel alive, whole,complete and deeply connected to the beauty that is life. We believe in the power of play, mindfulness, integrity, intention, spontaneity, self expression, audacity, creativity,community, authenticity and vulnerability.

We believe that technologies should serve as tools to connect us to these tenants as we celebrate life, truly improving our unique existence, instead of distracting, disturbing or disrupting us. And we believe that these technologies should be created mindfully and ethically, for the benefit of and not at the cost of consumers and users. In fact, the relationship that grows between the creator and consumer should be truly symbiotic and honest.

We value smiles, DIY, nature and the great outdoors, long hugs, laughter, tears, good eye-contact and IRL (in real life) community experiences. Life is about about sharing moments with the people sitting around us on a bus ride to work, across from us at the dinner table, or walking by us on the street. It’s about creating a new code of ethics and etiquette where people and nature come first, amongst everything else.

We believe that it’s time to ask really big questions of the things we’ve taken for granted. To work really hard to remind ourselves of the simple things we’ve forgotten. And to take a big deep breath, pause and remember that we are all in this together.

So that someday, our grandchildren will look back on the choices we’ve made and say thank you.

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