Customized Corporate Experiences

Whether you want to bring your company to Camp Grounded, send them on a Digital Detox Retreat, inspire them with a speaking series, educate them with hands-on workshops, offer them device-free parties, or immerse them in a full-day camp, we’ll give your team a unique experience that will have long-lasting impact.

We work with you to customize an unplugged experiences that meets your team's needs and desires, while integrating mindfulness, fun, well-being and good camp-like camaraderie. We also help leadership create and maintain an integrated culture of balance, play and Digital Detox so the program doesn’t end when we say goodbye.

We specialize in curating customized corporate Digital Detox Retreats.
Our team retreats give individuals the freedom and permission they need to fully unplug and decompress, leaving them with newfound creative inspiration, perspective, personal development, and growth.

Yoga // Meditation // Breathwork // Mindfulness // Writing Workshops // Analog Art Playshops // Movement // Play // Healthy Meals // Digital Detox 101 & Workbook // All Logistics & Coordination

We’ll help your team develop tools and strategies that bring balance into their daily lives. They'll implement practices that keep them grounded and connected, even in the most stressful or overwhelming times.

Digital Detox programming creates a framework that helps individuals truly understand the benefits and best practices of unplugging. Immediate and long-term results include increased creativity and efficiency, strengthened teamwork, deeper gratitude and empathy, enhanced personal growth, and improved sleep.

Camp Grounded leaders explore the physical, psychological and social benefits of unplugging and encourage a dialogue on how we can stay balanced in what often feels like an always-on, constantly-connected, never-ending, digitally-driven world.

Please contact us or email and we will look forward to collaborating with you!

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