Unplugged, Immersive Experiences

From summer camps for adults to unplugged nights out and mystery trips, our retreats, camps, and workshops have attracted thousands of people from around the world. Digital Detox creates immersive experiences where you can Disconnect to Reconnect® Please join our Experience Wait-List to be notified when we launch new events.


Camp Grounded®

Camp Grounded® from Digital Detox® has hosted thousands of adults who go completely off the grid for a 3-night summer camp. Campers get the chance to feel like a kid again and reconnect.

You'll experience amazing music, enjoy healthy meals, dive into activities, and connect with others, without any devices. Campers don't use their real name, can't talk about work, and leave all of their technology behind them at the door. 

Unplugged Nights Digital-Detox

Unplugged Nights

Digital Detox hosts one-night events throughout the country where you can connect with friends and meet new ones, without your phone to distract you. Coming soon to a major city near you... 


Mystery Trips (TM)

Digital Detox hosts Mystery Trips around the country where you embark on an unknown journey from 1 to 3 nights long, away from the go-go-go of everyday life. Mystery Trips sell out at lightning speed, so please join the waitlist and be the first to know of new experiences near you!

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