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5 Apps to Limit Screen Time: Get Grounded with Tech in Your Life

Conversations surrounding apps to limit screen time were everywhere when Apple released its Screen Time feature to the public last fall. Although they weren’t the first to do it, it was the first time many people were confronted with the actual amount of time they spend on their phones.

Unplugged: 5 Ways to Avoid Looking At Your Phone Every 5 Minutes

Millions of people received a rude awakening when Apple released its Screen Time iPhone app last fall. It’s no secret that most of us use our phones often, probably more often than we should. But Apple’s new feature put the cold, hard hours and minutes right in front of our faces. There’s no arguing with […]

These 20 Family Bonding Quotes Will Keep You Off Your Phone

You can’t deny that every family comes with its challenges. But as the influence of technology has spread, so has the distance between family members. The family unit has been one of the biggest casualties in the technological expanse that happened over the past decade.

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