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5 Apps to Limit Screen Time: Get Grounded with Tech in Your Life

Conversations surrounding apps to limit screen time were everywhere when Apple released its Screen Time feature to the public last fall. Although they weren’t the first to do it, it was the first time many people were confronted with the actual amount of time they spend on their phones.

Unplugged: 5 Ways to Avoid Looking At Your Phone Every 5 Minutes

Millions of people received a rude awakening when Apple released its Screen Time iPhone app last fall. It’s no secret that most of us use our phones often, probably more often than we should. But Apple’s new feature put the cold, hard hours and minutes right in front of our faces. There’s no arguing with […]

Why Are Addicting Games Addicting? | Digital Detox

** We have a new Newsletter! Check it out and subscribe here** Do you know someone who seems to be sucked into some addicting games? Or maybe you find yourself saying, “Just this one more level…” for hours on end? Maybe it’s playing match after match of Fortnite or the seemingly impossible-to-put-down Candy Crush? What […]

19 Potential Negative Effects of Technology | Digital Detox

Technology has revolutionized the world over the past 20 years but that revolution didn’t come without a price.

Delete These 10 Addicting Games From Your Phone Right Now

Do you remember Flappy Bird, one of the most addicting games of this decade? It started as most mobile apps do: relatively unknown for its first few months of existence. The game gained traction around December of 2013 then exploded in popularity during the following weeks.

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